Econotarianism is the political belief that government should:
  1. Enact policies to help grow the wealth of the people, based on economic research
  2. Deal with market externalities with solutions based on economically sound principles, rather than "wishing problems away" with legislation

Econotarianism shares many viewpoints with Libertarianism and "classical liberalism." The important difference is that Econotarianism believes in important freedoms because they are proven to provide economic growth, whereas classical liberalism supports freedoms for moral reasons.

Economic freedom is very important in growing wealth. Countries with higher economic freedom ratings have higher GDP per capitas, higher economic growth rates, lower unemployment, longer lifespans, and also higher levels of political freedom.

There are real social problems where market solutions are not trivial, such as crime, non-point pollution, and some infrastructure projects like roads. In these cases of market externalities, it still is useful for governments to explore regulatory solutions that make economic sense, such as those suggested by social economist Gary Becker regarding crime and drug abuse.

The greatest hindrance to economic freedom is Folk Economics, the naive economic concepts that may be ingrained in humans due to our evolutionary heritage. Folk Economics deals with wealth allocation, not wealth production. Wealth production, as experienced in modern economies, is barely an issue in original human evolutionary hunter-gatherer environments, where wealth accumulation was based mainly on the luck of finding food, or the ability to use violence to maintain a clan monopoly a fertile area.

Steven Pinker has pointed out that modern humans have no intuitive understanding of "modern physics, cosmology, genetics, evolution, neuroscience, embryology" or economics. All of these have been developed through science, and must be taught to people for them to comprehend them. Yet most people still hold onto the same kind of Folk Economic beliefs they had as children, or that their predecessors had a thousand years ago.

An Econotarian Political Program is now being developed.